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Raw Materials & Final Products
Polypropylene Granule / Polyester Fiber Print E-mail

Polypropylene Granule / Polyester Fiber

Exporting different type of Polymer raw materials, Fibers & Filaments such as Polyester – PET (Virgin – Recycle), Polypropylene – PP, etc. from IRAN
Based on our strong local manufacturers & good trading partners in EU & Asian countries, we are ready to export all type of polymeric granules, fibers, filament yarns, textile product & plastic materials from IRAN

Polypropylene Granule / Polyester Fiber
Polypropylene Granule / Polyester Fiber
Kanecaron Print E-mail

Kanecaron LogoJapan Kanecaron Website

Kanecaron is the registered trademark of Kaneka Corporation for modacrylic fiber. Modacrylic fiber is generally called acrylic fiber, which contains 35-85 percent acrylonitrile. While the fiber is flexible and easy to dye, it is also flame resistant, and it can be easily used to produce inherently flame retardant Carpet, Blanket, Saftey cloth, etc.

Raw Materials & Final Products Print E-mail

Textile & Plastic raw materials

  • Flame retardant modacrylic fibers
  • Color & functional masterbatchs (Flam retardant, Anti bacterial, Anti static, UV stabilizer, etc.)
  • PET & PP staple fibers in different grades (Geotextile, cement, …)
  • PET & PP Filament yarns
  • Acrylic carpet yarns
  • PP, PET & PA BCF yarns
  • Spin finish


Textile & Plastic final products

  • Different types of needle punched floor coverings
  • Different styles of piece carpets
  • Geotextiles