Parsian PolyTex, Top agent for textile machinery and spare parts in IRAN

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As the global market leader, POLYTEX can now look back on half a century’s experience in all aspects of sampling. The scope of our activities includes the development, design, manufacture and world-wide sale and distribution of sampling machines. As a professional partner for textile manufacturers and sample factories in more than 100 countries

POLYTEX has succeeded in coming up with innovations in the sampling sector year after year. Our manufacturing range includes everything from simple manufacturing aids to fully automatic high-performance sample production plants, together with the associated consumables, in order to guarantee that your products are presented in their best light.

1. Attractive samples – the silent salesforce

Every successful marketing strategy is followed by the utmost attractive presentation of the merchandise offered. In today’s international markets the new sample collection must be original, appealing and, due to the quickness of the change of fashion and trends, easily and just-in-time producible.

2. Company Profile

POLYTEX AG, established in 1949, deals with all aspects of textile sampling. Its activities cover development, design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of sample making equipment. Due to its competence as THE partner of all major textile manufacturers in more than 100 countries across 5 continents, POLYTEX succeeded in transferring its know-how from textile to other fields such as floor covering industry, paper-, cardboard- and foil-sampling. The company’s product range extends from simple accessories to fully automatic sample production lines including the corresponding consumption material.

3. Flexible and cost-effective production

POLYTEX equipment is known and appreciated everywhere for easy and ergonomic operation and high flexibility. It definitely satisfies the key requirements for a quick ROI and JIT production of sample collections.

4. The best solution to every problem

POLYTEX offers the competent support of the worldwide largest manufacturer of sample making equipment based on long experience and innovative spirit. The company’s complete product line always guarantees the best application-oriented solution.

5. Security and quality – our highest purpose

POLYTEX equipment run severe quality controls during and after production and comply with the actual security standards of the European Community. They are marked with their certificates and CE proof sign.

6. Make the test

At the company headquarters in Switzerland, a complete production line is ready for demonstration and trials also with your own materials. Here, too, is the company’s high-performance commission sample making facility where new sample presentations are constantly being created and produced on the newest POLYTEX equipment. It also creates the basis for the development of new, innovative kinds of procedures, productions and machines.

Sample and swatch pinking machines

8 different models with a cutting width from a small hand-operated table model with 50cm (20“) cutting width to a fully automatic, high-performance cutting machine at 162cm (64“) cutting width equipped with the latest technological inventions and features.

Two-Ply and „Waterfall“ sample mounting systems

The semi-automatic waterfall mounting machine „FB“ suitable for all different types of fabrics and materials.

There are already more than 500 Polytex Waterfall machines doing a good job across 5 continents.

Systems for shade cards with flat-glued samples

The semi-automatic silk screen qluing device AX for shade cards is mostly used in combination with the universal mounting machine EL making it a professional shade-card production centre.

Edge protection system

Automatic edge fixing machine KF to keep the look and quality of your sample books and waterfalls on highest level. No more fraying or wear out of samples thanks to edge fixing.

KF allows extremely rapid production and big savings of valuable fabric.

Card and Cap Printing

DT 4, the latest generation of Polytex DT: print your own shade cards and hangers in-house, with the most modern Color Laser Digital LED technology, up to 1000 caps/hr, cards up to 1mm, magazine work load 400 cards (0,5mm)