Parsian PolyTex, Top agent for textile machinery and spare parts in IRAN

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KANAI Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. of Japan is a quality certified specialised  company who manufacture and supply textile spinning & nonwoven spare parts such as Card clothing, Travellers, Rings and other accessories for the textile industry since 1894.

KANAI can supply:

  • Flange Ring for Spinning
  • Metalic Traveller
  • Nylon (PA) Traveller
  • Metallic Card Clothing & Top Flat for Spinning Card
  • Metallic Card Clothing for Nonwoven Card
  • Flexible Card Clothing
  • Raising Fillets
  • ....

Over the past 100 years, Kanai Juyo Kogyo has supported consumers lifestyles and contributed to development of various cultures in the world, as a textile manufacturer and thus supported people’s everyday life. Based on the technologies we have developed, the customer confidence we have won and the employee talents we have cultivated, we will make relentless efforts to create new values that provide “satisfaction” to the people in the coming generation. Through these efforts, employees of our company also can find fulfilment in their work and live satisfactory lives.

A conventional corporate policy of providing “higher quality and lower cost” does not always perfectly match the trend of the current time. We must review what our company should do from society and consumers viewpoints and add new values to our products.